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How It Works

Book Your Cart

Visit the booking page to select the rental dates that suit you best and process your payment! If you have any inquiries regarding availability, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Submit ID

Make sure to complete the Rental Agreement Form process through this form before your rental date begins. License ID and Insurance proof will also be requested. We will not provide the keys until this Rental Agreement is signed, so please do it as soon as possible!

Authorize Security Deposit and Enjoy!

Indeed, you've got it! Before you embark on your adventure, there's just one final step: authorizing the security deposit. Rest assured, this is a standard procedure to ensure the safe and responsible use of our golf carts.

Once you've completed this step, you're all set to hit the road and enjoy the freedom of exploring your surroundings with ease.

 and Safety Guidelines

Golf Cart Operating Instructions 
  1. Before Starting:​

    • Ensure all passengers have their seatbelts on before attempting to start the golf cart.

    • Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the RIGHT to power on the golf cart.

  2. Drive Mode:

    • Use the "Forward/Reverse" switch on the panel behind the steering wheel to select the desired driving direction.

    • Keep the "Turf" switch off unless driving on grass.

  3. Emergency Brake:

    • Move the black emergency brake lever, located to the right of the driver's seat, down to begin driving.

    • Engage the emergency brake by pulling up the lever every time you park.

  4. Acceleration and Braking:

    • Carefully step on the accelerator pedal to move the golf cart.

    • Note that the golf cart accelerates faster than normal carts, so use caution.

    • Apply brakes firmly as it may take longer to stop than anticipated.

  5. Turning and Safety:

    • Never attempt to skid the wheels or turn corners sharply at high speeds to avoid tipping over.

    • Always come to a full stop before changing from forward to reverse or vice versa.

    • Never push the golf cart while it's in the forward or reverse position; only push in neutral.

  6. Headlights:

    • Turn the headlights on/off using the "Light ON/OFF" switch on the panel behind the steering wheel.

  7. Parking:

    • Set the emergency parking brake and remove the key when leaving the golf cart.

    • Use the provided steering wheel lock and secure it through the small hole in the steering wheel.

  8. Safety Reminders:

    • Always remain seated while the golf cart is moving and keep all body parts inside the vehicle.

    • Ensure the total weight inside the golf cart doesn't exceed the maximum limit of 750 pounds.

    • The maximum speed of the golf cart is 25 MPH, suitable for roads with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less.

    • The golf cart has a maximum range of approximately 15-20 miles on a full charge; return with sufficient charge.

    • The golf cart accommodates a maximum of four passengers; never exceed the capacity.

    • All passengers must wear seat belts, and children under 8 or 80 pounds must use a car seat.

  9. Prohibited Actions:

    • No smoking or open flames in or around the golf cart.

    • Never operate the golf cart in standing water, surf, beach, or let sand/mud/salt water touch any mechanical or electrical parts.

  10. Hill Driving:

    • Drive with caution on slopes and hills; use brakes when going downhill (brakes require more pressure to stop).

    • Reduce speed and exercise extreme caution while attempting sharp turns, especially when going downhill.​

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure your safety and a pleasant experience while using our golf carts. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to the golf cart, and you may be held responsible for associated costs. Your safety is our top priority. Enjoy your ride!
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